128 Resources on the Who’s, What’s, Where’s, When’s, Why’s, and How’s of Book Marketing and Other Publishing Tidbits

All right folks, time for another epic list! I noticed I’d accumulated a lot of WWWWWH links, and thought it’d fun to put them all together here. They’re mostly about book marketing, but some are about other aspects of publishing (and not always about books), and some are just for fun. Enjoy!

The Who

  1. “Who is the Genius Behind Merriam-Webster’s Social Media?” on Literary Hub
  2. “Who’s in Your Village? … Who Are You Going to Thank?” on The Book Shepard

The What

Social Media

  1. “What Pinterest’s Hashtag Announcement Really Tells Us” on Social Media Today
  2. “What’s More Important: Author Websites or Social Media?” on Jane Friedman
  3. “What Pew Research Center Social Media Stats Mean for Authors” on Social Media Just for Writers
  4. “What We Learned from Three Months of Facebook Live (and How You Can Get the Most Out of It)” on Meet Edgar
  5. “What Your Follower/Following Ratio Say About Your Instagram Account” on WorkMacro (and a followup: “Instagram Money Calculator”)

Other Marketing

  1. “What to Consider When It’s Time for New Marketing Technology” on Content Marketing Institute
  2. “What to Put in Your Author Newsletter” on Career Authors
  3. “What Authors Need to Know About Crowdfunding Their Book: A Case Study by the Numbers” on Jane Friedman
  4. “I published a book, now what?” on Rinelle Gray
  5. “What I’m Doing Instead to Launch My Book” on Jane Friedman

Self Publishing and Miscellaneous

  1. “What Should Indie Authors Do with their Back Catalogue of Early Self-published Books?” on ALLi
  2. “What People Are Asking (FTC Endorsement Guidelines)” on Federal Trade Commission
  3. “(What is a Bestseller?) Does Anyone Know What a Bestseller Is?” on Publisher’s Weekly
  4. “Self Publishing: What Works?” on Your First 10,000 Readers
  5. “What Happens to Your Memories When You Write a Memoir” on The Cut

The Where

  1. “Author Marketing Challenge: Online vs Real World (part 1)” on How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks
  2. “”Shark Tank” meets book publishing” on MIT News

The When

  1. “When a Stock Photo Becomes the Hottest Meme of the Year” on Media Shower
  2. “When to write a press release” on Build Book Buzz
  3. “When authors’ prejudices ruin their books” on The Guardian
  4. “9 Types of Pitches to Use When Promoting Your Book” on The Book Designer
  5. “Using Multiple Points of View: When and How Is It Most Effective?” on Jane Friedman
  6. “5 Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Like A Failure” on The Bustle

The Why

Content Marketing

  1. “Why Content Creators Are Using This Simple Article Format to Draw a Bigger Audience” on Content Marketing Institute
  2. “Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs a Developer” on Content Marketing Institute
  3. “Why Aon Shares Content Scorecard is a Must” on Content Marketing Institute
  4. “Why Email Newsletters Continue to Succeed for Newspapers” on Editor & Publisher

Other Marketing

  1. “Why You Need an Author Tagline” on Elizabeth Spann Craig
  2. “Why Indie Authors Need Marketing Skills” on ALLi
  3. “Why publishers might reject your next book, even if it’s a good one” on Scroll.in
  4. “Why Our Blog Views Just Jumped by 35%” on Meet Edgar
  5. “What’s the Best Timing for Self-publishing a Series?” on ALLi
  6. “Why Bother with Local Bookshops? Suzy Howlett’s Success Story” on ALLi


  1. “Why Writing In a Series Will Make You More Money As A Writer” on The Creative Penn
  2. “Good Endings: What Should Yours Include?” on Writers Helping Writers
  3. “So, You’ve Written a Children’s Book…Now What?” on Chronicle Books


  1. “Why we are introducing Paid Listens for podcasters on RadioPublic” on Radio Public
  2. “Why the PDF Is Secretly the World’s Most Important File Format” on Motherboard
  3. “Why Authors Should Be Speaking on Their Books … Their Expertise” on The Book Designer
  4. “The Research Phase, What to Do, and What I’ve Learned So Far” on Writer Mom
  5. “Why the New York Times Is Making a Podcast About ISIS” on Vulture

The How

Social Media

  1. “How 3 Serious Brands Engage Humanly on Social Media” on Content Marketing Institute
  2. “How to Promote a Young Adult Novel on Social Media” on BookBaby Blog
  3. “How to Delete Your Twitter Timeline (and Why You Should)” on The Digital Reader
  4. “How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2018 (FAST)” on YouTube
  5. “How To Produce a Killer Book Promo Video” on Writer’s Digest
  6. “How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Wow Your Customers” on Later

Content Marketing / Emails

  1. “How to Infuse ‘Know,’ ‘Like,’ and ‘Trust’ Into Your Content” on Content Marketing Institute
  2. “How to Deliver Emails That Will Increase Reach, Impact, and Subscriber Satisfaction” on Content Marketing Institute
  3. “How to Deliver Emails That Will Increase Reach, Impact, and Subscriber Satisfaction” on Content Marketing Institute
  4. “How to Use How-To Content to Create and Retain Loyal Customers” on Content Marketing Institute
  5. “How Tom’s of Maine Found Success in Micro-Influencer Marketing” on Content Marketing Institute
  6. “How to Audit Your Content: 5 Essential Steps” on Content Marketing Institute
  7. “How to Curate Content Like A Pro: 8 Lessons” on Content Marketing Institute
  8. “How to Set Your Content Free for a Mobile, Voice, Ready-for-Anything Future” on Content Marketing Institute
  9. “How to Train a Journalist in Content Marketing” on Content Marketing Institute
  10. “How to Grow Your Audience From Zero to Millions in Less Than 5 Years” on Content Marketing Institute
  11. “How the Best Newsletters Get – and Keep – Readers’ Attention” on Content Marketing Institute
  12. “How to Use Documentary Filmmaking Techniques to Craft Memorable Content” on Content Marketing Institute
  13. “Our Email Open Rates Were Busted – Here’s How We Gave Them a Huge Boost” on Meet Edgar
  14. “How to Get More Traffic from Every Post by Republishing on Medium” on SmartBlogger
  15. “How to Go Viral” on Brittany Berger

Other Types of Marketing

  1. “How to Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Novel” on Electric Lit
  2. “How This Indie Author Landed a Barnes & Noble Book Signing” on The Write Life
  3. “How to Find Unique Speaking Opportunities to Promote Your Novel” on Writer Unboxed
  4. “How to Market Your Business On a Serious Budget” on Meet Edgar
  5. “How to Do a Competitive Content Marketing Analysis” on Content Marketing Institute
  6. “How to create a book publicity tip sheet” on Build Book Buzz
  7. “How to market your book and build your author platform using a chatbot” on The Parlour
  8. “How to Reach Young Readers through Book Festivals” on ALLi
  9. “How to Use Freelance Journalists in a Book Publicity Campaign” on The Book Designer
  10. “How to Get a BookBub Deal to Boost Sales” on BookWorks
  11. “How to Give Away an eBook From an Author Website” on The Digital Reader
  12. “How to Unite Brand Storytelling and Marketing Tech” on Content Marketing Institute
  13. “How to Start a Genre Festival – Case Study of “Crime at the Castle”” on ALLi
  14. “How to Locate Speaking Engagements–Free and Paid” on Nonfiction Author Association
  15. “How to Autograph Books” on The Book Shepard
  16. “How to Get More Traffic From Search Engines” on Content Marketing Institute
  17. “How to Locate and Pitch Internet Media Sources” on Nonfiction Authors Association

Selling / Business

  1. “How I Started Making a Full-Time Income from Passive Income in 10 Steps” on WonderLass
  2. “How I Sold 1,000 Books Over the Holidays” on Deborah Jay
  3. “How to Sell Books: The Ultimate Guide to Author Joint Promotions” on Your First 10,000 Readers
  4. “How to Sell More Books: In Person and At Events” on Your First 10,000 Readers
  5. “How to Analyze Your Competition and Create Your Own Authors Success” Kindlepreneur
  6. “How Traditionally Published Authors Can Repackage and Self-Publish Their Backlist” on Jane Friedman
  7. “How to Build a Readership & Sales – Before Publishing Your First Book” on Your First 10,000 Readers
  8. “How to Stand Out in Your Niche And Remain Authentic” on Think Creative Collective
  9. “How to Outsource When You’re a Control Freak” on Small Talk Social
  10. “How to Convert Potential Readers into Buyers” on Your Writer Platform
  11. “How to care for your mental and emotional health as a content creator” on Patreon
  12. “How to Manage a Media Arm Within Your Company” on Content Marketing Institute
  13. “How to Sell a Series on Amazon” on ALLi
  14. “How to Market and Sell Children’s Books” on Your First 10,000 Readers
  15. “How to build community around your business before you’re ready” on Kyla Roma
  16. “How to Double Your Business In 30 Days” on Side Hustle Nation

Writing / Editing

  1. “How Do You Know What Book to Write First?” on Digital Well Publisher
  2. “How to add value to a fiction book so you can sell more” on Author Zoo
  3. “How to Find the Most Popular Parts of Your Book” on Book Launch
  4. “How to Write and Market a Series” on Your First 10,000 Readers
  5. “How Long Did it Take to Write the World’s Most Famous Books?” on Printerinks
  6. “How (and Why) to Write Realistic Aliens and Magic” on Electric Lit
  7. “How plot grips us, from Dickens to Line of Duty” on The Guardian
  8. “How to Turn a Great Short Story Into a Great TV Show” on Literary Hub
  9. “How Watching TV And Movies The Right Way Can Revolutionize Your Writing” on The Creative Penn
  10. Related: “8 Shows That Will Make You a Better Novelist” on Reedsy
  11. “How to Write a Likeable Protagonist” on Helping Writers Become Authors
  12. “How to Write a Compelling Protagonist” on Reedsy
  13. “How to Spend 5 Minutes a Day to Improve Storytelling” on Content Marketing Institute
  14. “How to Choose a Book Idea: Using the Hedgehog Concept” on The Creative Penn
  15. “How To Create Content People Care About by @K8Tilton” on Bad Redhead Media
  16. “How to Find the Right Developmental Editor for Your Book” on Writer UnBoxed
  17. “How to Make Readers Deeply Connect to Your Characters” on Jane Friedman
  18. “How to Keep Track of All Your Novel’s Details” on Writer UnBoxed
  19. “How to Vary Your Sentence Structure (And Stop Boring Your Readers)” on The Write Life
  20. “How Long Is Writing Supposed to Take?” on Electric Lit
  21. “How to Collaborate Effectively with Other Indie Authors In Your Genre” on ALLi
  22. “How to Write a Novel in 30 Days” on Your First 10,000 Readers


  1. “How to Get the Same Book Release Date When Using CreateSpace and IngramSpark” on Author Imprints
  2. “How and Why to Use Both CreateSpace and Ingram Spark to Self-publish Print Books – and A Special Free Offer for ALLi Members” on ALLi
  3. “Paperback Box Set: How, When & Why to Self-publish One” on ALLi

Miscellaneous / Other Forms of Publishing

  1. “How to Digitize a 357-Year-Old Atlas That’s Nearly 6 Feet Tall” on Atlas Obscura
  2. “How The New York Times gets people to spend 5 minutes per visit on its site” on DigiDay
  3. “How Authors use Podcasts to grow their Brand” on ALLi
  4. “How to Access Apple Podcasts Analytics” on Podcast 101
  5. “How to Create eBooks from Wikipedia Articles” on How-To Geek
  6. “How to draw” on The Guardian

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