209 Examples and Trends Impacting the Future of Storytelling

Storytelling comes in a variety of formats: as books, articles, podcasts, films, and more. It seems every week there’s something new and cool coming out of the works, so I thought I’d highlight some of them here (in no particular order). Also, there’s a lot that can be learned from other people’s stories!

New Tech / Tools / Platforms

Book Marketing

  1. Book Title Generator
  2. “Links to Happiness: Using Universal Links to Sell Your Ebook” on The Book Designer
  3. SendOwl
  4. Tailwind
  5. Book Funnel
  6. Mark Dawson’s Courses
  7. “Closing Strong” on Businesse
  8. “Goodreads e-book giveaway program now open to self-published authors” on Build Book Buzz
  9. DesignEvo
  10. Hatchful
  11. “DesignOps: A List of Resources” on Medium
  12. DesignBetter.Co
  13. Covers Sell Books
  14. Voracious Readers Only
  15. Indie Author Day
  16. “Patreon Powers Membership Across the Web” on Patreon (and Patreon App Directory)
  17. SpyFu

Social Media

  1. “20 Lesser-Known Tools for Smart Content Creators” on Content Marketing Institute
  2. Instagram Polls on Instagram Blog
  3. “Strengthening Our Commitment to Safety and Kindness for 800 Million” on Instagram Blog
  4. Branded Content Tools on Instagram
  5. “Instagram is testing a way to follow hashtags” on Mashable
  6. “Leverage Your Instagram Followers into Mini-Course Enrollees” on Teachable
  7. “7 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers” on Content Marketing Institute
  8. “Welcome to IGTV” on Instagram
  9. “Introducing Music in Stories” on Instagram
  10. “4 Ways To Use Instagram To Market Your Books” on The Creative Penn
  11. “Three Instagram Numbers That Matter More Than Followers” on The Shop Files
  12. “The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size And How To Make Yours Stand Out (Including 12 Excellent Examples)” on Buffer
  13. “Facebook Introduces a Simple Polling Feature With Support for GIFs” on Search Engine Journal
  14. “The Ultimate Guide To Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots” on Many Chat
  15. “Keyword Snooze: A New Way to Help Control Your News Feed” on Facebook Newsroom
  16. “Introducing Subscription Groups for Admins” on Facebook Newsroom
  17. “Introducing a New Info and Ads Section on Pages” on Facebook Business
  18. Facebook for Creators


  1. “How to create an eBook the open source way” on Open Source
  2. reMarkable
  3. “Reviewing Sony’s New Digital Paper” on Inside Higher Ed
  4. “Is Offset Printing the Future for Indie Authors?” on The Book Designer
  5. “Braille Neue: A New Version of Braille That Can Be Simultaneously Read by the Sighted and the Blind” on Open Culture
  6. “Introducing Semantic Experiences with Talk to Books and Semantris” on Google AI Blog
  7. Make Our Book
  8. Wonderbly
  9. “Self-Publishing 3.0: The Future For Indie Authors: David Penny” on ALLi
  10. ePubCheck
  11. “A (Block)Chain Reaction for Publishing” on Publisher’s Weekly
  12. “2018 Book Manufacturing Outlook Includes Ranking of Top 5 Book Printers Based on Latest PI 400 List” on Book Business Mag


  1. Reedsy Writing Tool
  2. Beemgee
  3. Short Story Ideas
  4. Children’s Book Academy
  5. Children’s Illustrators
  6. oTranscribe
  7. Rev (transcription)
  8. “Macros for fiction editors and authors” on Louise Harnby
  9. Power Thesaurus
  10. “Best Book Writing Software” on Kindlepreneur
  11. “Nine Manuscript Editing Software Programs You Should Consider” on Book Baby Blog
  12. “Scrivener 3.0 Update: What’s inside, and is it worth the cost?” on Writer’s Digest
  13. “Storyboarding with Scrivener (or, A Love Affair with Virtual Index Cards)” on Writer Unboxed
  14. “Tech Tools for Writers Roundup from BW Tech Expert Carla King” on BookWorks
  15. VitalSource
  16. Docusaurus

Online Tools

  1. “The Times of London turns to a ‘digital butler’ named James to increase subscriptions” on Digiday
  2. “How to record macros in Google Sheets” on Tech Republic
  3. Quizlet
  4. “Chrome’s Library Extension Will Change Your Life” on BookRiot
  5. “Ask Google to recrawl your URLs” on Search Console Help
  6. “A reintroduction to Google’s featured snippets” on Google
  7. Checker Plus for Gmail
  8. Browserling


  1. “Google Pixel Buds are wireless earbuds that translate conversations in real time” on Ars Technica
  2. Chrome Music Labs
  3. The Mission
  4. SquadCast
  5. AudioBurst


  1. “Attention, Authors: WordPress 5.0 Will Change Everything You Know About WordPress” on The Digital Reader
  2. “30+ WordPress plugins that can use a lot of server resources and/or can slow down your site” on Freelancers Tools
  3. “The Slowest WordPress Plugins (and Alternatives to Try Instead)” on wpmu dev


  1. “No need to code your webpage yourself, says Microsoft – draw it and our AI will do the rest” on The Register
  2. CenterCode


  1. “How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?” on Justin O’Beirne
  2. Pier 9
  3. USNPL
  4. “Introducing YouTube Giving: New tools for charitable giving on YouTube” on YouTube Creator Blog
  5. Documentary Editing on YouTube
  6. PressForward
  7. Pixsy

New Ways of Storytelling / Publishing


  1. “Protanopia – A digital interactive comic by Andre Bergs” on YouTube
  2. “Netflix is going to test new ideas by publishing comic books” on QZ


  1. “An Artificial Intelligence is Generating an ‘Infinite’ Podcast” on Motherboard
  2. “The New York Times launches a Facebook group to discuss podcasts (and learn to make better ones)” on Niemen Lab
  3. “The New York Times is giving early access to podcasts as a subscriber perk” on Digiday
  4. “Exclusive: Inside The New Google Podcasts Strategy That Could Double Audiences Worldwide” on Pacific Content
  5. “The Power of Podcasts” on ACX
  6. “Serial Box Has New Funding for Audio Bundling With Reading, as a ‘Publishing Studio’” on Publishing Perspectives

Studios / Films

  1. “BBC loses plot to offer busy viewers drama without the commitment” on The Telegraph
  2. “The Transformative Experience of Writing for “Sense8”” on The New Yorker
  3. From Canada, Wattpad Studios Aims at Hollywood With ‘Cupid’s Match’” on Publishing Perspectives
  4. “With a Sprinkle of Pixar Dust, Debut Trilogy Takes Flight” on Publisher’s Weekly
  5. “Caitlin Roper to Head The New York Times Magazine’s New Creative Studio” on NYTCo
  6. “From Bookstore to Theater, Turning Your Book into a Movie” on Funds for Writers


  1. “This Couple Published A Book Of Poetry Based On Famous Vines And It’s A Bestseller” on Buzzfeed
  2. “What it Means to Be an ‘Experimental Computer Poet'” on Motherboard

Online and Apps

  1. “Serial Dilemma: Does ‘Belgravia’ Spell ‘Success’ in Book Apps?” on Publishing Perspectives
  2. “Bookmark: The Art of Reading in a “Post-Text Future”” on Books on Books
  3. The Monarch Papers
  4. “Online Novels: The New York Public Library Introduces “Insta Novels” (Full Text, Illustrated Literature Posted on Instagram)” on InfoDocket

Retail / In Person

  1. “Where the Water Tastes Like Wine turns American folk tales into a road trip” on PC Gamer
  2. “The New York Times Store Introduces Its First NYT Cooking “Make-Your-Own” Cookbook” on New York Times
  3. “Now Serving in Chinatown is the place to go for your chefy holiday shopping needs” on Los Angeles Times
  4. Air BnB Host Experiences

Partnerships / Programs

  1. “Walmart, Rakuten Kobo Debut E-Book Retail Partnership” on Publisher’s Weekly
  2. “Publishing Mentorship Program Focuses on Representation” on Publisher’s Weekly
  3. “The Washington Post launches most comprehensive Bestselling Books lists” on The Washington Post
  4. “PBS NewsHour and The New York Times Launch Monthly Book Club “Now Read This”” on New York Times
  5. Ethnographic by University of Toronto Press
  6. “Gaming Anthropology” on Anthropology Con
  7. “Flirting With New Readers in The Philippines: Wattpad Presents” on Publishing Perspectives
  8. Podia (sell online courses, memberships, and downloads)
  9. “Finding your mission” on YouTube


  1. “Literature by Degree” on The New York Times
  2. “Protean Miniatures: The Adaptability and Sustainability of Flash Fiction” on Los Angeles Review of Books

Augmented Reality (AR)

  1. “Augmented Reality: How We’ll Bring the News Into Your Home” on New York Times
  2. “The New York Times Debuts Augmented Reality Experience Featuring Athletes From the Winter Olympics” 
  3. “‘The New York Times’ Introduces Augmented-Reality Capabilities” on Media Post
  4. “Movie theater in the sky? Alaska trials VR entertainment at 35,000 feet” on Alaska (also, Alaska Airlines will make long flights more bearable with VR movies” on CNET)

Virtual Reality (VR)

  1. “Beyond Reading: Saunders’s ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ Goes VR” on Publisher’s Weekly
  2. “Digital Publishing: Why the New York Times Continues to Invest in Virtual Reality” on Editor & Publisher
  3. (Sort of) “Forget AR and VR – mixed reality is the next frontier for digital publishing” on The Bookseller
  4. “Rumbling seats. Virtual reality. Booze. How cinemas are adapting to uncertain future” on LA Times
  5. “Virtual Reality Is a Disappointment? Not in the World of Video Gamers” on New York Times
  6. “Interview with VRS Executive Speaker: Brian Seth Hurst” on VRS Conference
  7. “An Alternate Reality Game That Takes Freshmen Orientation to a New Level” on Wired
  8. “Is literature next in line for virtual-reality treatment?” on Economist

Conferences / Places to Visit

  1. Future of Storytelling
  2. “Irma Boom’s Library, Where Pure Experimentalism Is on the Shelf” on New York Times
  3. “Inside Meow Wolf, the amusement park for people who want a weirder Disneyland” on Ars Technica

Research / Things Learned

  1. “Fictional characters make ‘experiential crossings’ into real life, study finds” on The Guardian
  2. “Visualizing Nonlinear Narratives with Story Curves” on Visual Computing Group
  3. “One year on, we’re still not recognizing the complexity of information disorder online” on First Draft
  4. “How Technology Shapes the Way We Read” on Wired
  5. “Language and literature create sanctuaries in Berkeley schools” on Daily Cal
  6. “Tool: Review Google’s new manager training” on ReWork (and “Google Spent Years Studying Effective Bosses. Now They Teach New Managers These 6 Things” on Inc)
  7. “The Dangers of Reading in Bed” on The Atlantic
  8. “Zhou Youguang, Architect Of A Bridge Between Languages, Dies At 111” on NPR
  9. “Wanted: Original Book Titles” on The Guardian
  10. “Not All Book Startups Have Died” on Publisher’s Weekly
  11. “Report from the Field: Gender Inequality Within Literary Prize Culture” on VIDA
  12. “Book Publishing’s Weak Bet On “Fire And Fury”? Blame Data” on Fast Company
  13. “‘The ebook is a stupid product: no creativity, no enhancement,’ says the Hachette Group CEO” on Scroll.in
  14. “Embedding a Tweet Can Be a Copyright Infringement, Court Rules” on Torrent Freak
  15. “GDPR for Influencers with Danielle Liss” on Food Blogger Pro
  16. “Six academic writing habits that will boost productivity” on LSE Impact Blog
  17. “The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font” on Quartz
  18. “Digital Publishing: After Years of Tinkering with Paywalls, Publishers are Creating the Right Funnel to Find Digital Subscribers” on Editor & Publisher
  19. “Have we ever had enough time to read?” on Literary Hub
  20. “AI spots 40,000 prominent scientists overlooked by Wikipedia” on The Verge
  21. “Be a More Effective Reader: Learn to read like a novelist” on Lisa Poisso
  22. “The Power of a Writing Group for Publishing Success” on Writer Unboxed
  23. Writer Productivity Framework
  24. “On the literature of cyborgs, robots, and other automata” on Literary Hub
  25. “The Science Behind Successful Content is Pretty Eye-Opening” on Media Shower
  26. “How Topic Modeling Can Strengthen Your SEO and Content Marketing Strategy” on Content Marketing Institute
  27. “Education as a Marketing Strategy: 8 Brands Doing Online Classes and More” on Content Marketing Institute
  28. “Indie Author Collaboration Case Study: Working with a Major Local Employer” on ALLi

Publishing Stories

  1. “Fifty Years of Disquietude” on The Baffler
  2. “The Best Children’s Books Appeal to All Ages” by Literary Hub
  3. “The Rise of Roxane Gay” on BK Mag
  4. “For November, A Romance Trio For ‘Hamilton’ Fans (And The Rest Of You, Too)” on NPR
  5. “Chinese Web Novels Launch Gold Rush for Adaptation Rights” on Magpie Kingdom
  6. “Insights into the Chinese Libraries Market for Self-published Books via CNPeReading” on ALLi
  7. “How Tor.com went from website to publisher of sci-fi’s most innovative stories” on The Verge
  8. “Raymond Carver, Gordon Lish, and the Editor as Enabler” on Ploughshares
  9. “Indie Author Finds Success Hitting the Festival Circuit” on BookLife
  10. “My Creative Writing Process” on J.F. Penn
  11. “Using Patreon and YouTube to Grow a Writing Career: Q&A with Jay Swanson” on Jane Friedman
  12. “From Podcast to Self-Published Bestseller” on Publisher’s Weekly
  13. Book Promotion Success Stories on Your First 10,000 Readers


  1. “5 Ways American Express is Winning at Content Marketing” on Media Shower
  2. “Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Sleazy: 5 Real-World Examples” on Copy Blogger
  3. “5 ways to use audio for book marketing and reader engagement” on Louise Harnby
  4. “Time for a reboot” on The Writing Life
  5. “Catalogs: A Marketing Tool for Indie Publishers” on Fiction Notes
  6. “Submit Your Book to Holiday Gift Guides” on The Book Designer
  7. “Use quirky holidays in March for book marketing” on Build Book Buzz
  8. “Is There a Writing Mulligan in Your Midst?” on The Book Designer
  9. “The One Thing That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Infographics” on Content Marketing Institute
  10. “It’s Time For Your Fall Platform Inventory” on Smart Marketing for Writers
  11. “New Data Reveals it’s Time to Change Your Headline Strategy” on Social Media Today
  12. “Want to Prove Content’s Success? Stop Measuring It” on Content Marketing Institute
  13. “The Psychology Behind Good Book Cover Design” on Writer Unboxed
  14. “Audience Strategist: The New, Critical Role on Your Content Team” on Content Marketing Institute
  15. “Know Your Genre, Know Your Reader, Be a Fan” on BookWorks

Cool Projects / Sites

  1. Hip Hop Words
  2. Investigative Studios
  3. Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
  4. “Collectors’ corner: book and music libraries – in pictures” on The Guardian
  5. “In Berkeley, a book group celebrates its 100th birthday” on Berkleyside
  6. I’d Rather Be Writing
  7. “Charting the Geography of Classic Literature” on Atlas Obscura
  8. #ColorOurCollections on The New York Academy of Medicine
  9. “A Day in the Life of Americans” on Flowing Data
  10. “In 100 Years, This Forest Will Be Turned Into Secret Books By Your Favorite Writers” on Electric Lit
  11. Error Wall of Shame
  12. “KIND Dumps 45,000 Pounds in Times Square to Make a (Marketing) Point” on Media Shower
  13. AIJS
  14. “What the District?”
  15. Museum Hack



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