Storytelling and Marketing with Videos

There are many ways to tell stories, and to market your work. One way I’ve been toying around with recently is video. Here’s an example of a video I made for my I Know Dino channel:

In the future, I may add some audio narration. At the time, I was thinking people would only be interested in the visuals.

Anyway, Content Marketing Institute shares a number of reasons video can be valuable. For example, video can be long or short, be standalone or part of a series, and be embedded into multiple platforms, among other reasons. 

You should have a plan when it comes to your videos, and figure out what types of videos you’d like to make. Some examples include explainer videos, reviews of books, and thank you videos.

CMI also shares tips on how to make your video a success, which includes telling a story, evoking emotions, having good audio quality, and including faces.

It helps to write out a script, and monitor reactions once the video is posted so you know where to improve.

Half of the work in creating a video is the editing. In the past, I’ve sometimes filmed clips that had variable frame rates, which was frustrating because it meant the audio didn’t sync up with the video, and looked off. Fortunately, I came across Codgena’s article on how to convert a variable frame rate to a constant framerate, using the free software Handbrake. It was pretty quick and painless, and made my video much better.

One last tip: sometimes it’s nice to have a few seconds featuring text on a background. One fun, and relatively easy background you can use is a chalkboard. If you’d like, you can create your own chalkboard background in Photoshop, instead of searching for an image online. Photoshop Buzz has a great tutorial to show you how to do it, step by step.

Got any tips for videos? Please share in the comments!


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