5 Strategies for Writers to Market Their Work and Expand Their Audience

As an indie author, there are so many tools and strategies you can employ to grow your audience and even monetize your work. Below are 5: videos, podcasting, merchandising, crowdfunding, and social media.


Videos are a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. There are a few tools and resources to help you get started in creating content:

And more resources on how to share your videos and grow your audience, as well as success examples:

And as a bonus, you can monetize your videos:


Podcasting is a great way to connect with readers (especially readers who love audiobooks):

Writers can also start their own podcasts, and even grow them enough to monetize them:


Once you’ve created content, you can find ways to make more people aware of your characters with merchandising. The Creative Penn offers advice for merchandising for authors, which includes how to find designers, mistakes to avoid, and where to get your products made. Amazon also has Merch for Amazon, which allows designers to sell t-shirts, and there’s even a Merch Research site, to see which designs are already for sale.

And, just for fun is the site Litographs, which prints text from classic books onto t-shirts.


Crowdfunding has gotten popular as a way for anyone to raise money for their projects, but when done right, it can also grow your audience. You can use Kicktraq to see which projects are doing well and research how to run your project. Accelerant Media Group is a site that helps people with all steps in their crowdfunding.

And once you’ve launched your project, you can use sites like BackerKit and Prouduct to help ship your rewards and perks.

Social Media

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to social media. Here are some tips and insights for the various platforms:

There are also tools out there to help your recycle your content:

And just for fun, Pinterest now has a tool that lets you learn how to cook your favorite restaurant dishes, according to Mashable.


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