140 Tools and Resources for Building Your Author Website and/or Blog

By Matthew Bowden www.digitallyrefreshing.com (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/145972) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons By Matthew Bowden http://www.digitallyrefreshing.com (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/145972) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons[/caption]Author websites and blogs are important components to building an author platform. With that in mind, here is a list of resources that can help you set up and optimize your site.

Setting Up Your Website

  1. Find Available Domain Names on Namestation
  2. +300 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs & Startups” on Growth Supply
  3. 11 Essential Elements of an Author Website” on How to Blog a Book
  4. 5 Things You Need On Your Author Website” on Book Marketing Tools
  5. 9 Author Website Trends You Need to Know About” on BookBub
  6. An Author Website Checklist” on Digital Book World
  7. Author & Book Websites: What to Include?” on Outbox Outline
  8. Before You Launch Your Author Website: How to Avoid Long-Term Mistakes” on Jane Friedman
  9. Building an Author Website on WordPress: How to Start Smart” on Jane Friedman
  10. Building Your Professional Author Website: WordPress vs Squarespace” on Jane Friedman
  11. Creating Author Websites: The Definitive Guide” on Write to Done
  12. Do You Need to Rethink Your Website’s Key Elements?” on Jane Friedman
  13. Does Your Author Website Have The Essentials To Attract Readers And Sell Your Books?” on The Creative Penn
  14. Step By Step Tutorial: How To Build Your Own Self-Hosted Author Website In 30 Minutes” on The Creative Penn
  15. How to Create Your Author Website Using Self-Hosted WordPress” on PressBooks
  16. How to Make the Most of Your Website” on BookWorks
  17. How to Take Charge of Your Author Blog” on Social Media Just for Writers
  18. Let’s Address a Common Misunderstanding About Author Websites” on Writer Unboxed
  19. A Writer Gets All Techie About Her Website” on Gail Gauthier
  20. Self-Hosting Your Author Website: Why and How to Do It” on Jane Friedman
  21. How To Start A Money-Making Blog In Less Than 5 Minutes (Step-By-Step Guide)” on Dukeo
  22. Developing an Author Website – A Marketing and Communication Checklist Study” on The eBook Author’s Corner
  23. The Ultimate Guide to What Every Author Website Needs, Part 1” on Patrick Samphire
  24. The Ultimate Guide to What Every Author Website Needs, Part 2” on Patrick Samphire
  25. Web Hosting Review: So Just Who is the Best?” on wpmudev
  26. Your Blog Might Need a Makeover” on Rafflecopter
  27. Fat Cow Hosting Review
  28. Chocolate Hosting
  29. The Truth About Thesis.com” on Pearsonified

Website Content

  1. 14 Strategies for Curating Great Content” on Social Media Just for Writers
  2. 7 Tips for Designing Awesome Animated GIFS” on Invision
  3. Blogging: Fundamentals” on Blogging University
  4. Download: Optimize Templates for Keyword Glossary & Editorial Plan” on Optimize Book
  5. How To Write A Click-Worthy Blog Title” on Molly Greene
  6. Six Ways To Create Great Content In Just 15 Minutes A Day” on Small Business Newz
  7. How to Optimize Your Content for Social Media” on Sarke Media

Website Design

  1. Essential Grid
  2. Pixelwars website themes
  3. Genesis WordPress
  4. Animated Content Tabs with CSS3” on Codrops

Website Maintenance

  1. 10 Essential Website Housekeeping Tasks” on Molly Greene
  2. 10 Simple Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Faster” on Sugar Rae
  3. Why Trying to Get 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights for Your WordPress Site Will Drive You Mad!” on wpmudev
  4. Browser Compatibility Test
  5. HowTo: Configure WordPress To Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN)” on nixCraft
  6. My Website is Slow” on Hostmonster
  7. Performance of the Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared” on WP Site Care
  8. How I Cut My Page Load Speed by 90% Using Jetpack, CDN, Dedicated Hosting, and More” on SDavis Media
  9. How to Make WordPress Sites Load 72.7% Faster” on CopyBlogger
  10. How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Diagnose and Improve WordPress Page Speed” on wpmudev
  11. W3 Total Cache Plugin  : Speed Up Your Website” on WP Widgets
  12. WP Super Cache
  13. Improve Your Website’s Health With These 20 Simple Actions.” on Blogging Love

Getting Traffic and Visitors

  1. 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic” on MOZ
  2. 21 Ways a Reader Might Find Your Author Website” on BookBaby
  3. 3 New AdWords Automations You Can’t Afford To Miss” on Search Engine Land
  4. WordPress SEO Tasks: 5 Things You Always Forget” on Dukeo
  5. How to Get Traffic to Your Author Website: 30+ Tips for Discouraged Writers” on Your Writer Platform
  6. How We Increased Our Organic Search Traffic By Using HitTail” on WPBeginner
  7. RSSTop55: Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites” on Robin Good
  8. The Optimized Publisher: Author Amplification” on Digital Book World
  9. The Optimized Publisher: XML Sitemaps” on Digital Book World
  10. Google Search Console
  11. Yoast SEO for WordPress (tutorials)
  12. Social Triggers
  13. Google XML Sitemaps Generator
  14. Yoast SEO

Tracking Your Website

  1. 10 useful Google Analytics custom dashboards” on Econsultancy
  2. 12 Awesome Custom Google Analytics Reports Created by the Experts” on Kissmetrics
  3. Google Analytics: 5 Tips for Easy Monitoring” on Dukeo
  4. 7 Google Analytics Custom Dashboard Examples To Segment SEO, Social Media, Mobile, And Other Metrics” on Online Media Masters
  5. AuthorRise Shows Promise for Indie Writers” on The Book Designer
  6. Google Analytics Bounce Rate (actually) Demystified” on Analytics Ninja
  7. Heap Analytics
  8. How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics Data” on QuickSprout
  9. Crazy Egg
  10. Reach for the Stars with Google Analytics” on The YP Publishing

Earning Money on Your Website

  1. All in One Adsense” on Linux and Open Source Blog
  2. LinkVehicle
  3. Riot Ad Network
  4. Blog Ads
  5. Ad Rotate for WordPress
  6. Warrior Plus Affiliates
  7. iTunes Affiliates (sign up here)
  8. Kobo Affiliates
  9. Audible Affiliates
  10. Google Adsense
  11. Mobile Theme Ads for Jetpack
  12. WordPress Affiliate from Shareasale

Selling Products on Your Website

  1. How to Sell Digital Products & Services Directly from Your Website: Advice for Authors and Freelancers” on Jane Friedman
  2. Adding Ebook EPUB and MOBI Downloads to WordPress” on Ed Schipul
  3. How to Sell Books From Your Website: Top 3 E-commerce Solutions for Authors” on The Book Designer
  4. Legal: “Terms and Conditions” Protect Your Online Business” on Practical ECommerce
  5. How to Sell eBooks Directly to Readers” on Word Magic

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

  1. 5 Myths About Mobile Web Performance” on Sencha
  2. Check Out This Mobile Version of My Site (and links to how I learned how to do it)” on Idea Trash
  3. Google’s AMP: The Fun and User-Friendly Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages” on CopyBlogger
  4. How and Why to Make Your Indie Author Website Mobile Responsive” on Self Publishing Advice Center
  5. How to edit jetpack mobile theme” on TP
  6. How to Turn Any Site Into a Responsive Site” on Vandelay Design
  7. Mobile Theme” on Jetpack
  8. Onbile
  9. Onswipe
  10. ShoutEm API

Tools and Add-ons For Your Website

  1. Vanilla Forums
  2. Elementor
  3. Subscription migration tool” on Jetpack
  4. Monocle, or Something Exactly Like It, Will Change Everything About Publishing” on The Fiction Circus
  5. Transferring Followers and Subscribers” on Jetpack
  6. Wishlist Member
  7. Enhanced Linking
  8. WP Minify
  9. Essential WordPress Plugins for Book Authors Building a Platform” on wpmudev
  10. WP List Press
  11. Buddy Press
  12. Booktorious on Github
  13. Bookflip
  14. Book.ish
  15. BookJS
  16. Custom Google Search
  17. Display & Style Related Posts For Your WordPress Site” on Envato
  18. How to add WordPress Related Posts Without Plugins” on Hongkiat
  19. EPUBJS
  20. Pippity

Example Websites

  1. 29 Author Websites with Stellar Designs” on BookBub
  2. Andrew Hyde
  3. Ten Author Websites That Really do the Business” on The Writing Platform
  4. This Book is About Travel

Additional Resources and Services

  1. Amanda Abella
  2. AppSumo
  3. Code snippets on Bill Erickson
  4. Google Webmaster Central Blog
  5. RKA Ink
  6. Wired Tutorials
  7. What infrastructure should I run a WordPress installation with 200.000+ posts on?” on Quora
  8. Aptana Studio 3
  9. John Watson
  10. WordPress themes for writers and authors: Build a website with WordPress” on Ben Zackheim
  11. How to Speed Up Your WordPress” on Website Setup

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared January 2017.


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