A Review of the Interactive Story, Hearts of Iron: War Stories

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 6.45.09 PMHearts of Iron: War Stories by Aaron Rosenberg

Hearts of Iron: War Stories is a branching narrative about a young British pilot during the Battle of Britain.

Churchill once said “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”! Take part in this historic turning point during WWII as you make your own choices on the way.

Be wise! The decisions you make will influence which skills you learn, your relationships with other characters and even the story’s outcome.

The narrative is written by the well-known writer Aaron Rosenberg and lovingly edited by Paradox Interactive.

Hearts of Iron: War Stories is part of the Paradox Interactive’s Hearts of Iron franchise, which includes the PC grand strategy video games, music and books.
You are strongly encouraged to create an account and login, especially if you own other Paradox games, although it is not required to experience this game book.

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Ebook Review: Chaos Company

chaos_companyChaos Company by Christopher Slayton

Chaos Company follows a team of genetically enhanced soldiers hunting down a powerful mercenary who killed the team’s leader. During their hunt the team is forced to go AWOL and their abilities will be pushed to their limits as they engage with a ruthless private military company before coming to a final showdown on the Brooklyn Bridge.
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E-Book Review: A Dangerous Low

A_Dangerous_Low_cover A Dangerous Low by Michael Stephenson

Benjamin Howard, an Assistant District Attorney of a major city, lives the dream. He has a beautiful wife, two adorable children, and the state’s highest conviction rate. On his way to a burgeoning political career, he recently announced his candidacy for Mayor. His life is perfect until he has an affair. The brief encounter goes awry. In a moment of fear, he kills his secret lover. What’s worse, his lover was the recently paroled leader of a notorious gang, Deandre Johnson—a man. Fleeing the scene, he takes Deandre’s bag and discovers it is full of money. If someone hadn’t recorded the incident maybe he’d escape scot-free. Now he must protect his family from those who want revenge, those who want the money, and ward off a blackmailer before his life unravels. A fast-paced crime thriller A Dangerous Low takes place over the course of one week and follows a couple’s descent into the lowest acts of self-preservation humans can muster. Continue reading

E-Book Review: Golden Biker

Golden Biker by Alexander von Eisenhart Rothe

Brought together in India through a series of hare-brained adventures are Arthur, an old bohemian from Cologne; Albert, otherwise known as Bear, a snack bar owner who emigrated to Goa; Gerd, a German businessman with a mid-life crisis; and Sherie, a stunningly good-looking prostitute from Bombay. Together, they embark on a mission to find a mystic figure in the Himalayas: The Golden Biker, who supposedly cruises through the mountains on a golden motorbike, to punish the evildoers and give to those who mean well some of his not less mystical marihuana…known among aficionados as the best grass in the world. Continue reading