Guest Post: Confused in Choosing Digital or Traditional Marketing? Consider a Mix of Strategies

By Christopher Austin

There’s a continuous debate in the world of marketing as many people – business professionals and amateurs alike – can’t decide between digital and traditional marketing. Some claim that the future of advertising is in the digital world. Others still abide by old-fashioned techniques because they strongly believe that offline marketing works best. It’s natural to get confused. Whether we like it or not, both strategies are efficient. But in order to stand out and make an impression on prospects, you need to adopt a seamless tactic, better known as a hybrid. Continue reading


Guest Post: Mobile Traffic Statistics Inspire To Create New Businesses

By Calvina Singh

realtime-couponmachineDay after day, the same boring tasks look like they’ve been duplicated into your life by some kind of cruel tyrant. Get up early, go to the office, work hard in that tiny cubicle, return home late and exhausted. That’s hardly a life one can dream of. The problem is that it’s not just boring: it literally kills your creative potential.

The alternative is simple. Start working for yourself, be your own boss, and regulate your working time yourself—as well as your goals, strategy and salary (depending on revenues, of course). Not everybody believes that starting a business nowadays is easy and failure-proof. But it’s surely worth a try, especially in the modern mobile-oriented paradigm.

By this I mean that with so much people using their mobile phones, it’s a lot easier for an entrepreneur to reach his or her target audience, spending minimum money, time, and effort. According to the real-time mobile data statistics from Coupon Machine: Continue reading

Planning an Effective Video Strategy with MWP Digital Media


Sometimes it can be difficult for indie authors to think about video, but having a YouTube channel with book trailers, author interviews, and more can help boost an author’s platform. In order to find out what kind of videos work best, My Web Presenters (MWP) Digital Media has a new video marketing comparison tool, which can help users with their video strategy. Continue reading

McDonald’s, the Book Distributor


I couldn’t resist. When I heard that McDonald’s planned to give away over 20 million books with their happy meals during the first two weeks of November, I knew I had to see for myself. So on the first day, I bought my first happy meal in like 20 years.

To be completely honest, I was excited to get The Goat Who Ate Everything, just because it sounded like the cutest of the four book options–the bite mark in the upper right hand corner helps. The book is small and a little flimsy, but easy to carry around. And it comes with an encouraging bookmark.

All the books are meant to help show that McDonald’s cares about healthy eating, and in The Goat we meet a kid (heh) who doesn’t feel good until he eats the right foods.  Continue reading

iDreamBooks, A Book Review Aggregator

idb logo-name

iDreamBooks is a site that aggregates reviews of books. The goal of the site is right in the tagline: Never read a crappy book again!

Founded in 2012 by Rahul Simha, Vish Chapalamadugu and Mohit Aggarwal, iDreamBooks moved to San Francisco as part of 500 Startups. Patrick Lee, co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes, was an early investor, which works out since the site is like the “Rotten Tomatoes for books.”

CEO Rahul Simha said he met Lee through a friend of a friend.

“We’re fans of Rotten Tomatoes and we think it’s a great rating system,” he said. “It’s a pretty trustworthy rating […] being book readers ourselves we wanted something similar for books.”

Simha said the name iDreamBooks came about because they were looking for something “quirky and memorable.”

Now with a team of five, iDreamBooks is looking to expand its offerings. They already have a partnership with the Sony e-bookstore, which launched iDreamBooks’ rating system in April 2013. Continue reading

Slideshare: Write or Read #MyStartupStory

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 2.12.20 PM

My Write or Read #MyStartupStory presentation is the SlideShare of the day! If you like it, please share and/or embed. More shares mean WoR has a better shot at winning the #MyStartupStory contest!

Making the Most of Twitter Chats

storify I’ll admit, I’m not as active on Twitter as I probably should be. It’s all very immediate, and I’m much more comfortable with blogging and emailing, and things where I can take my time.

But I recently heard about a creative way that makes conversations on Twitter last longer, and I think makes Twitter chats a lot more valuable.

My friend Miral, the founder and CEO of BiblioCrunch, does an amazing job of promoting her company. Every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. eastern time, she hosts a Twitter chat using the hashtag #indiechat. Each week features a different guest and is a conversation about an aspect of indie publishing.

What’s great is that afterwards Bibliocrunch posts a transcript of the conversation on their blog and archives it on Storify, so that anyone who misses out one week can catch up. Storify is a site that allows users to create new stories out of media found on the web. Bibliocrunch’s page on Storify shows a story from each week, listing all the tweets using the #indiechat hashtag so anyone can follow along on the conversation.

As someone who often feels overwhelmed by the number of tweets popping up on my page every time I log in and like I’m missing out on something, I really like this idea of archiving. I have also heard of tools you can use to make it easier to follow along with Twitter chats in real time.

Hootsuite, for example, lets you set up streams to help filter tweets. If you were part of #indiechat, then you could set up a stream to only show tweets using that hashtag. Ian Cleary on Razor Social also recommended a few other tools. I’ve only used Hootsuite, but he said he likes Tweetchat the best. Tweetchat lets you adjust the speed you see new tweets and pause tweets coming in so you have a chance to respond.

I’m glad these tools are out there. They help make Twitter a lot more manageable. Do you know of any other helpful tools? If so, please let me know in the comments!

Writers, Readers, Publishers: Present Tense, Future Bold #3

Last night’s meeting was actually more like the 15th meeting, but I don’t often get the chance to attend anymore, so this is only my third post about the group.

The speaker was Jeffrey Sussman, president of Jeffrey Sussman, Inc., a marketing public relations firm in New York City.  The email I received about the event said that “Jeffrey has represented virtually every kind of public and private company, but he  also represents and promotes books and authors.  His most recent books are Power Promoting: How To Market Your Business to the Top! And No Mere Bagatelles, a biography of Holocaust survivor and fashion designer Judith Leiber.”

Sussman had a lot of interesting stories and projects to share. Although all the books he spoke about covered very different topics, they all had one thing in common. They were all successful because of their niche market. Continue reading