Guest Post: How to Build Your Brand Name Through Social Media (Infographic)

By Belle Balace

Looking to build your platform online? Belle Balace from Visme shares tips on growing your brand through social media.

Whether you’re just starting to build your online presence or you just launched your startup and want to share it to the whole world, there’s no better way to achieve this than through social media.

If you have no idea on how to do this or where to start, here’s a great primer Matei Gavril of PRMediaOnline provided – visualized in this handy infographic made with Visme. All the basic and essential things you need to know about growing your brand on social media are right here.

Belle Balace is a Growth Specialist at Visme, an online visual tool where anyone can create engaging presentations, infographics and other visual content in less time.


10 Companies with Multiple Channels to Control Their Branding

I’ve been hearing a lot about branding lately. Strong branding can make people loyal to you (like Apple), and the more control you have over your branding, the easier it is to make sure your audience sees the message you are trying to send.

Take Disney, for example. Disney owns a multitude of assets, ranging from production studios (Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, etc.) to retail, games, and apps, to theme parks and hotels, to music, to distribution, to books, to TV networks, and more. Because Disney owns so much, the company can make sure that their branding reaches every aspect of their business. The same message moves through each step in their pipeline, and if they ever need to change or update that message, they can easily do so.

This got me thinking, what other companies own additional assets to help with their branding? Here’s a few I’ve found, in no particular order. Continue reading

Guest Post: 5 Ways to ID the DNA of Your Brand

By James Rosene

By Bdna.gif: Spiffistan derivative work: Jahobr (Bdna.gif) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Bdna.gif: Spiffistan derivative work: Jahobr (Bdna.gif) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Branding is one of the first, most important objectives for any professional writer. It’s much more than just a graphic element or logo, it is the base of every reader’s experience. Therefore, you should be able to identify the characteristics and qualities that make you different from every other writer.

In being able to ID the DNA of your brand, you will also:

  • Understand how your readers view you
  • Gain insights on reader’s experiences with your brand
  • Be able to utilize in-depth data to create a strategic plan that improves your branding

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Indie Authors: Building Your Brand and Writer Platform

To be a successful indie author, you need to have a brand / writer platform. At first, this may sound like a daunting task. And yes, it is a lot of work.

But I’ve found that it helps to outline goals, and then break down your plan into small steps that you can easily do a little of each day. Even if you only spend 10 minutes a day, over the course of a few months, you can really accomplish a lot.

I’ve also realized that when I first started out, all social media and even blogging felt like a chore. But as I’ve gotten used to it, I’ve started to really enjoy it and not see it as a task that needs to be done, but rather as a way to connect with people. Granted, it took me a while to get into this mindset, which may be something someone who is just beginning may want to keep in mind.

Here are some articles I’ve found that can really help you craft a marketing plan and build your brand / writer platform, a little at a time, day by day: Continue reading

Indie Authors: Offline Marketing Strategies

Although online marketing (emails, social media, etc.) are important and can be an effective way to encourage sales of books, offline marketing can be just as powerful. And passing out tangible goods and interacting face to face can help create more loyal fans and stronger networks. Continue reading