Comparing the Ebook Submission Process: Self-Publishers v. Publishers

I recently wrapped up a freelance project with a small publisher, where I uploaded/submitted ebook files and metadata to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google. In the process, I thought about the similarities and differences between how a self-publisher would go about distributing an ebook versus a publishing company that is submitting files themselves instead of using an intermediary such as Ingram.

One of the biggest differences is that regular publishers have the option of also distributing and selling enhanced ebooks. However, currently only Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble accepts and sells enhanced ebooks. For this particular project, I worked with standard ebooks and enhanced ebooks which contained video files.  Continue reading


Self Publishing Platform Updates

In the last few months, a lot has changed with some of the major self-publishing channels, specifically Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords.


Aside from Amazon launching Kindle Worlds, which changes the way fan fiction is written and published, it also recently started publishing Kindle Single Interviews. The second interview will be with Obama. Additionally, when you publish via KDP and upload your e-book to sell, the program will automatically scan for misspelled words that you can easily go back and correct.


Barnes & Noble moved from PubIt to Nook Press, though it still has its issues. Personally, I preferred PubIt. Although Nook Press is a slicker platform, I don’t like the way it treats EPUBs. Sure, you can easily write/edit/format your e-book on Nook Press, and Nook will convert it to an EPUB file to sell on its site. But if you are taking the time to format your e-books on your own, which I like to do because it gives me more control over my book and looks more professional, it messes up the files. PubIt used to let me upload my own EPUB file, but Nook Press takes my already validated EPUB file and turns it into a messy EPUB file. It screws up some of my formatting and changes all the names of my HTML files, which makes it harder to edit later. Continue reading

Barnes & Noble

Rumor has it that Barnes & Noble may no longer exist one year from now. In the meantime, I can enjoy their stores and Christmas decorations.

And I can also play around with their Nook. The new color Nook was recently released. It uses LED like Apple’s iPad, but it’s formatted similarly to Amazon’s Kindle–with a twist. There’s an interesting feature that shows book covers, if you like that sort of thing. Personally, I’m a Kindle fan.

11/22/10: This Week in the Publishing World

Since it’s Thanksgiving in a couple days, thought I’d post the publishing news early this week.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m taking a Writing for Children’s class, but I keep noticing the topic of children’s books in my classes. Anyway, today the  Association of Booksellers for Children approved a merger with the American Booksellers Association. ABC executive director Kristen McLean said, “We are in a time of unprecedented industry evolution, and I believe the independent booksellers of the ABC are sending a message that they can also evolve to meet the demands of the changing industry positively.” It’s interesting, just last night (and in many of my classes this semester) I heard very similar phrases, that included the key words “evolution” and “evolve.” I guess everyone’s thinking the same way.

ABC Booksellers Overwhelmingly Approve Merger with ABA

Again, on the topic of children’s books–RosettaBooks (not to be confused with Rosetta Stone)  has an exclusive agreement to release the series, “Rainbow Magic” to Kindle. This is their first deal with children’s books. Rainbow Magic is a series for girls 4-9, and has sold 20 million copies worldwide.

RosettaBooks To Publish Kindle Editions of Magic Rainbow Series

And lastly, Sony is going to have reader apps for the iPhone and Android. So now the Sony e-book store is more accessible–though the Kindle and Nook already have this type of app.

Sony Announces Reader Apps for iPhone and Android

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!