Guest Post: One Author’s Experience Creating Children’s Read Aloud Ebooks

By David Hoobler

David Hoobler is both the author and illustrator of the Zonk the Dreaming Tortoise series. In the post below he shares his experience creating read aloud ebook versions of his children’s books.

Recording studios and mixing boards meant nothing to me a year ago. To me these are the realm of Rock and Rollers and Super Stars. That was then, before I decided to record my books. Is book narration a DIY proposal? It’s not that easy, in fact it’s very hard work. Continue reading


How to Create a Fixed Format Ebook (Part 5): Read Aloud Code

In this series on how to create a fixed format ebook, I have covered how to setup a fixed format ebook, how to add images, how to place text, and how to embed fonts. In this post I’ll go over how add read aloud functionality to your children’s story. I recommend this only for fixed format children’s ebooks, because it can be tedious adding all the extra code (and children’s books are nice and short). Continue reading

EPUB3 Read Aloud Code


Per request, I’m posting snippets of code to use to enable read aloud functionality on an iPad. You usually do this for children’s books in EPUB3. Above is a sample of the SMIL file you will need to include. Remember to make a SMIL file for each “page.” And don’t forget to add it to your OPF! Below is a sample of the extra code to include in the HTML file. You will also need your audio file (use Audacity to easily create labels for the SMIL files). Good luck!